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6 Super Plants that Purify the Air Inside Your House

6 Super Plants that Purify the Air Inside Your House

Adding super plants inside your house could make a significant difference in your overall health.

Pure air circulating inside of your home
is one of the keys to vibrant good health.”

Improving your health is a lifestyle choice and a daily endeavor. Among the best areas to begin upgrading your self-care is:

Finding clever and affordable ways to strengthen and nourish your body (in an increasingly toxic world) is sometimes challenging.

Fortunately, some health tricks are easy, cheap and fun.

Specific houseplants – called super plants – are an effective way to potentially make an improvement in your overall health.

Did you already know that formaldehyde is the number-one indoor air pollutant?

Formaldehyde “off-gasses” from walls, furniture, rugs, and more.

Not so good for the ol’ lung tissue!

Having access to fresh, chemical-free air is easier to achieve than you think – thanks to super plants.

Super Plants Clean the Air that You Breathe

These days, the quality of the air that we breathe is a bigger issue than we like to admit – and indoor air-quality is even more important – so I was glad to discover recently that there are super plants that have been scientifically proven to remove significant amounts of toxins from the air inside of our homes.

…few things are healthier than having pure air to breathe”

Certain houseplants are fantastic at turning toxic air into fresh air.

From among these “superplants” are a few that have additionalqualities. They:

  • are fuller-bodied
  • are more resistant to mites
  • do not require abundant direct sunlight and like darker rooms

Here’s a list of my ideal super plants for the modern home. You can ask about them at your local garden center:

  1. dracaenas
  2. golden pathos
  3. boston fern
  4. syngonium
  5. dumb cane
  6. schleffera

Of course, there are more than just six super plants that clean indoor air, but in my research I discovered that these are among the easiest to grow and keep in your home.

If you have pets, the above list is not for you. Some are toxic to pets if chewed. Pet-owners must research air-purifying plants that also happen to be pet-friendly.

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What’s the point of being “accomplished,” if your health is subpar? Truly productive people are healthy people, and few things are healthier than having pure air to breathe.

Consider adding a few more plants to your bedroom this weekend – your lungs will thank you for it.

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