We are David Findley and Dane Findley and we base our professional and personal lives upon ten core values.

We are real estate agents specializing in high-concept lifestyle properties and luxury estates.

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Many of our international clients are adding to their real estate portfolio from overseas, motivated by their desire to own a home providing year-round fair weather and a higher daily quality of life.

Core values provide us with an important and useful way to work on behalf of our clients.

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We help people buy and sell homes and investment properties and we’re happy to assist in your real estate endeavors, answering any questions you might have.

Here is what we believe about how we work:

1. Joy Is a Worthwhile Pursuit

The world needs more joy, not less.

2. Health + Resolve = Pure Potential

Ultimately, the only person responsible for your life’s daily outcome is:  you.

When you have good health and an initiating attitude, anything is possible – so take care of these first, if you can.

3. The Right Environment Enhances Creative Energy

It matters where, and how, you wake up each morning. When your home supports your wellness and unique interests, life just seems to flow better.

4. Delight in Finding Solutions

Focus on a problem only long enough to identify it, then switch quickly into solution-mode.

5. Ambivalence Is often Its Own Answer

If the answer isn’t “Heck, yes!” then it probably should be “Hell, no.”

6. Mobility, for the Win

Though the mirror reveals what you look like standing still, mobility reveals how you flow and move.

Making your body more supple makes your mind more supple, too.

7. The Detailed Full-Finish

Even though the final 15% of a project involves its least-sexy tasks, excellence means keeping up the pace until the very end. When in doubt, use your resourcefulness and initiative.

8. Daily Top-3 Priorities

Being busy is easy; prioritizing – on the other hand – is an art and a science.

9. Optimization Is Fun and Rewarding

Relentlessly fighting change is ultimately a huge waste of energy; however, tenacious self-improvement reaps dividends.

10. Service for Its Own Sake

Inherent in every moment is a choice to give or take.

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