Hello, my name is David Findley.

I specialize in helping others buy and sell luxury estate homes in fair-weather locations across the globe. Phone me directly at 310-345-6911.

I often work directly with the Business Managers of my clients. Clients are sometimes purchasing a new home, or selling a home from their portfolio of properties.

In 2008 I was ranked number 13 of all agents in the U.S. by The Wall Street Journal and I've remained a top-producing agent ever since.

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History of David Findley

While spending my early childhood years on a farm in Northeast Missouri, I would join my grandfather each morning for a before-sunrise breakfast.

The menu always included a final course: Neapolitan ice cream (he got up at 4:30am; if you’re going to get up that early, you should make it worthwhile). Those breakfast meetings with my grandfather may not have unlocked all the secrets to success, but in my eyes they provided an essential component to a thriving career –  enjoy it.

What's most important to me are the relationships I develop. For me, it’s never about the specific transaction; rather, it’s all about the relationship. My job is to always represent the best interests of my clients.

More about me:

  • Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS)

  • Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR)

  • Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)

  • Graduate, Realtor Institute (GRI)

  • Certified Internet Marketing Professional (e-Pro)

  • Past Chairman, Grievance Committee - Beverly Hills Greater LA Realtors

  • Past Director, California Association of Realtors

  • Past Director, Laguna Beach Board of Realtors

  • Contract and Negotiation Specialist

As a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), I also help those international clients who are relocating or adding to their real estate portfolio from overseas.

Please contact me directly – phone 310-345-6911.

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What Do I Do?

I am a house matchmaker.

I help people buy and sell homes and investment properties and strengthen their real estate portfolios. 

I match people with the lifestyle properties that can help transform their daily life into something more joyful and enriching.

I do this, in part, by researching the happiest and healthiest neighborhoods in the world and identifying what it is that sets them apart.

What Problems Do I Solve?

When I first started selling luxury beach homes in warm-weather climates (nearly 40 years ago) the real estate purchase contract was a single page.

Those were simpler times, for sure!

Today, the real estate contract for a typical high-end estate is a heavy folder several inches thick.

Most clients would be surprised to learn how much complex contractual work happens behind the scenes for each of their home purchases and sales.

To be brutally frank, not all real estate professionals today are detail-oriented enough to efficiently handle the hundreds of points required for a successful transaction – many tend to become overwhelmed or emotionally escalated, and that’s when important items can be overlooked and deals can disintegrate.

I help people have the most successful, enjoyable real estate transaction possible.

david findley realtor

How Am I Different?

Many real estate professionals are, in essence, salespeople. They are extroverts who have a knack for generating new "leads."

In my case, I am not a salesperson:  I'm a trusted advisor.

And I don't have leads, I have clients.

I do not work transactionally. I work as an advisor for my clients helping them achieve what is in their best interests.

In other words, the specific transaction is less important to me than the long-term relationship. 

How Am I Relevant to You?

If you are intrigued by the notion of improving your daily quality of life, then I encourage you to contact me whenever you have real estate needs or questions.

My clients enjoy having a home that is more than just a house – they want to have a home that creates a foundation from which to create a more joyful lifestyle.

I thrive most when I can help others find the home that best matches their unique interests and needs. 

What about Referrals?

If you are a fellow agent, or someone who would like to recommend my service to a friend or colleague, I'd be happy to answer your questions and address your potential need for an agent in the Los Angeles area.

The source of nearly all of my transactions comes from business managers, repeat clients or clients to whom I have been referred.

I specialize in lifestyle estates and the higher-end of the market – I'm highly aware of what’s going on in that particular segment of the market.

It would be my pleasure to assist you in any way that is helpful.

You must know how important it is to choose an agent you are convinced will handle your transactions professionally and with the kind of care and attention-to-detail that you expect from yourself." ~ David Findley

Confidentiality is an important factor for many of the clients with whom I work.

In my day-to-day business, my goal is to work with the highest level of integrity, guiding and assisting clients to achieve their goals with only their best-interests in mind.

Some of my clients have a full-time team of advisors already in place – business managers, executive assistants, and attorneys – and I'm comfortable and experienced in being helpful within that team so that everybody shines.

My working philosophy is to look for the win-win in every situation.

I work to keep good relationships with other agents in the brokerage community, by treating all with kindness and respect.

I want to make sure other agents look forward to the opportunity to work with me and my team – an attitude that has proved to be invaluable throughout my real estate career in successfully completing transactions.


"I began practicing real property law in 1987. I've had the pleasure to work with David Findley on several real estate transactions. Findley has no peer, in my experience, in the intelligence, knowledge, experience, ethics, people skills, and steadfast commitment that he demonstrates in transactions. Working with David has been – without exception – rewarding and satisfying for me and, I believe, for our mutual clients."Kirk Neuner 

"Upon deciding to explore the possibility of relocating to Los Angeles, I had the good fortune of being referred to David Findley. Through the entire process, David proved to be dedicated, personable, and completely committed to helping me meet my goals.

David patiently helped educate me about different neighborhoods, and not only stayed on top of every new listing, but used his extensive network to preview homes before they were formally listed.

David has the highest degree of ethics, and in fact encouraged me to consider initially leasing prior to making a major purchase commitment. Upon deciding to proceed in that manner, David scoured the market and helped find the ideal lease for my family. With his help, I stayed on top of the market and was able to successfully negotiate the purchase of a special home in a prime West Los Angeles neighborhood.

David was also exceptionally conscientious as we worked towards closing, and has remained a valuable resource even after my transaction was completed.

Based on my personal experience, I am pleased to give David Findley my strongest endorsement, and I am confident that anyone tapping David’s intelligence, positive attitude, and stellar work ethic will be as gratified as I was."Ed Berman

"A pleasure to ‘sing the praises’ of someone we regard so highly. Prior to our initial meeting, we conveyed the criteria of our ideal property to David. He listened to and understood our need so clearly that all six properties we saw on our first day out fit our parameters perfectly.

An offer, fair to the sellers but very favorable to us, was made on one of the properties and, with David’s expertise and negotiating skills, it was accepted.

Then began the work of inspections, permit and disclosure reviews and mortgage application. This is where David truly excelled. In over 30 years of buyer and selling service. David was on top of every detail, keeping us advised and ‘in the loop’ on a daily basis.

The purchasing process has been easy and enjoyable with his able assistance. Suffice to say, David is now our Los Angeles Realtor. We believe any buyer or seller would be fortunate to experience David’s real estate magic."Daniel Warn